Monument "A town means not being alone..."

Address: Via IV Novembre, 14012 Ferrere AT, Italia

"A town means not being alone, knowing that in the people, in the plants, in the earth there is something of yours, that even when you are not there it remains waiting for you".

A great of Italian literature, the Piedmontese Cesare Pavese, wrote in his latest novel "The moon and the bonfires".

These words echo - from October 2020 - in the Ferrere valleys after the municipal administration, led by the mayor Silvio Maria Tealdi, decided to imprint them in iron and accompany anyone who crosses the walkway that leads to the town hall and the schools.

The details of the initiative are illustrated by Tealdi: "The walkway alongside via IV Novembre that leads to schools and the town hall is an example of how a structural work, in this case the widening of a road and the consolidation of a escarpment, can become an attractive and characterizing place. The works have, in fact, made it possible to equip a natural balcony overlooking the panorama of the Ferrere hills. The external part, in reinforced concrete, was then decorated with one of the most famous phrases drawn from the Moon and the Pavese bonfires, which well represents the feeling of belonging to our countries of origin. In the area of ​​Northern Asti region, especially in the 60s and 70s, many farmers had to emigrate to the city: we would like to remind Ferreresi who live here or who come back even for short periods that here always someone or something waiting for them ".

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