AVIS Comunale di Ferrere

Address: Via Monticone, 14012 Ferrere AT, Italia
Tel: 338 8788186
Fax: 011 6469629
Email: ferrere.comunale@avis.it

The Avis of Ferrere was born as a group of the municipal section of Villafranca d'Asti in 1981 but it is in July 15, 1988, that, thanks to the initiative of Molino Piergiorgio, Ferrere's parent company at that moment, the municipal section of Ferrere was founded due to the large number of donors inhabitants from Ferrere.

Answer was immediately positive: in September 1988, as many as 37 donors appeared at the first outing of the blood-bank voiture in Ferrere. Currently we count in the section of Ferrere over 100 donors of which many young people.

The sensitivity of Ferrere donors meant that the bags taken in these sixteen years were more than 3500; years full of successes and initiatives that have made more than 230 people approaching the Avis of Ferrere.

Molino Piergiorgio has been a point of reference in recent years and he held the position of president from 1988 to 2002, when he thought it was time to sell the baton to the then secretary Demarie Paola, a young and enterprising donor who demonstrated over the years an increasing interest in the cause of Avis of Ferrere.

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